Best Place to Buy Pokemon Booster Boxes

If you’re a Pokemon cards collector, you’re probably wondering: What is the best place to buy Pokemon booster boxes? Even though most people think of online retail giants like Amazon as their first choice, there are many reasons why you should NEVER buy Pokemon booster boxes or packs in general from those giant online retailers.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why such stores are the worst choice when it comes to buying booster boxes. We will also tell you where you can buy them instead.

Let’s start with the reasons that make online retail giants a poor choice for buying Pokemon cards…

Buying booster boxes from online retailers: The hidden risk

When you try searching for Pokemon booster boxes on an online retail store, the results will look deceivingly good. Lots of good reviews, and a variety of booster boxes to choose from.

What more can you ask for, right?


Once you take a closer look at the reviews section of almost all the booster boxes that are listed on these websites, you’ll notice a pattern of reviews from people who claim their booster boxes were pre-opened before they were shipped to them.

Now, it goes without saying that opening packs to replace —or take out— all the valuable cards then resealing and selling them is tempting for many dishonest people. And this process is much easier when selling through an online retailer.

P.S. If you want to keep your Pokemon cards safe, these sleeves will help.

These ecommerce giants don’t really “sell” the products themselves, they mainly fulfill the orders from third-party vendors. In fact, more than half of all products sold on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers.

Even if the third-party seller was legit, there is always a chance that the booster box you’re ordering was ordered and returned by someone else, who cleaned it out of all the rare and holo cards before returning it.

The problem with this situation is that it’s hard to prove that you got packs that were already opened or tampered with. Sometimes the packs are weighed without opening them to know which ones have holos in them.

pokemon sword and shield booster packs on a white background
The Pokemon card packs you’ll find inside booster boxes

These packs are then replaced with other packs that don’t have holo card. And in that case, since the packs aren’t opened, you can’t really prove that they have been tampered with. That’s why you need to get your booster packs from a place that takes direct responsibility for the products it’s selling.

So, what’s the best place to buy Pokemon booster boxes?

The best place to buy Pokemon booster boxes is from a trusted vendor directly, online, or offline. Buying from a trusted vendor directly means that there are people who have a reputation to maintain. Those people understand what they are selling, and do their best to spare you from this unpleasant situation.

If you’re buying booster boxes online, we highly recommend Poke Vault. These guys know what they are doing, and they get all their merch from official sources.

The second best alternative is to buy your Pokemon cards from a vendor with a good reputation on eBay.

In this case, you are also buying your product from a vendor with a reputation to protect, and the shipping and products return process doesn’t leave much room for tampering like on other websites.

P.S. If you’re looking to add specific rare holo cards to your collection, it’s better to buy these cards directly. And for that, you can use either eBay or Poke Vault. If the card you’re buying is particularly valuable, we recommend you go for a PSA certified card.

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