6 Best Nintendo Switch Controller Chargers in 2023

The GeekCyborg team has put together this guide to help you choose the best Nintendo Switch controller chargers. The more people who can play, the more fun things get.

The only downside is that you don’t have a way to charge them all at the same time. And that’s why we’ve created this guide to help you choose the best Nintendo Switch controller chargers for your Joy-Cons.

If you’re not using one of those standalone charging docks, you’ll have to charge your Joy-Cons two at a time. The only way to do that with a Nintendo Switch out of the box is to connect the Joy-Cons to the screen, then place the console on the charging dock.

Since you only have one Nintendo Switch and multiple Joy-Cons —obviously!, you’ll need to repeat this process for every pair of Joy-Cons you own. In addition to being boring, it’s not efficient, to say the least.


TALK WORKS Joy Con Charging Dock

This is another Switch charging dock that’s compatible with Joy-Con controllers only. What’s similar between this and the previous model is that they both support Joy-Cons only, both have convenient LED charging indicators, and both perform very well.

What’s the difference between them? It’s the docking mechanism of the Joy-Cons. With this model, you need to slide the Joy-Con controllers along a rail to get them to start charging.

Sure, such chargers look cooler. However, prefer the rail-less method that’s used in the AmazonBasics model, as it makes placing the controllers into the charger easier. It’s a matter of a personal preference though, we just found that one easier to use.

And just like in any other Switch controller charger, you can connect it to the main Switch dock using a USB cable. You can also connect it to one of those power supplies with USB cables, or any device that supports USB so it’s pretty flexible.


FastSnail Controller Charger

If you’re looking for a Nintendo Switch charging station that gets the job done with style, this model will give you that, and more.

Instead of having small LED lights to indicate the charging status of different controllers, this model has tall “LED sticks” that light up in a spectacular way. When a controller is charging, they’ll light up with a red color. When it’s fully charged, they’ll light up with a green color.

Given the size of those LED sicks, you won’t have any trouble finding out the charge status of any of your controllers, even if you’re sitting on the other side of the room.

To prevent those dazzling LED lights from distracting you during a gaming session, you can easily turn them off, even if the device is charging your controllers.

Speaking of controllers, this charger supports both Joy-Cons and Pro Controllers. You can even use it to charge the Switch itself if you need to. This makes a great all-around Switch charger, in addition to it's cool-looking design.


PowerA Joy-Con Charging Dock

This is the official Switch controller charging dock that’s licensed by Nintendo. If you’d like to stick to using only Nintendo-licensed accessories for your Switch, this charging dock is pretty much your only option.

As you’d expect from Nintendo-licensed merchandise, this charger feels pretty solid. Once you hold that thing in your hand, you’ll feel the build quality instantly. It also has clear LED charging indicators at the top, which are relatively easy to spot.

Other than that, this charging dock is pretty basic. It supports Joy-Cons only and has a minimalist black design. Even though this charging dock looks nice and “clean”, it doesn’t feature anything out of the ordinary.

If you want the peace of mind of using a Nintendo-licensed product, this charging dock is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for something more adventurous and flexible in terms of charging options, there are better choices out there.


Controller Charger Dock for Nintendo Switch

This is the mother of all Nintendo Switch charging docks! If you have plenty of controllers and you don’t like charging them one by one, this model is what you’re looking for.

Since this model supports a whopping four Joy-Con controllers and two Pro Controllers, it won’t have any problems keeping up with your charging needs. In addition to being able to charge six controllers simultaneously, this charging dock has those LED indicators that we like.

Unlike most other models, the LED indicators here aren’t too bright. The brightness level is just right, so you won’t need to switch them off, and that option isn’t supported here anyways.

The large LED charging indicators work for the Joy-Cons only though. You can know the charging status of the Pro Controllers from small LED lights on both ends of the dock. The result is one of the best Nintendo Switch Controller chargers that you can get in terms of design, performance, and quality.

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Nintendo Switch Controller Charger Buyers' Guide

In addition to giving you some solid Nintendo Switch controller charging dock options, we’ve created a buying guide that’ll help you choose the right charger for your needs. The following are the top things that you need to consider when buying your new controllers charger.

a. What type of Switch controllers do you want to charge?

There is a variety of controllers available for the Switch. You’ll find everything from the default Joy-Cons to Pro Controllers and the super-cool retro options offered by 8BitDo.

These include modern versions of classics like the NES controller, SNES controller, and even the legendary Sega Genesis. Even though we have this kind of controller variety, we’re more concerned with the Joy-Con and the Pro Controller support.

That’s because those two controller types are the most popular, and they’re officially produced by Nintendo. So, when you’re buying a new Nintendo Switch dock charger, the first thing you need to consider is the type of controllers you want to charge.

While some chargers support both Joy-Con and Pro Controllers, others support one type only. So, you need to keep that in mind.

b. How many Switch controllers do you want to charge?

The point of getting a standalone controller charger is that you won’t have to charge your Joy-Cons one pair at a time. And that’s why you need to be sure that the controller you are buying can charge all of your Joy-Cons together.

Most chargers have four slots that can accommodate four Joy-Cons, two Pro Controllers, or two Joy-Cons and one Pro Controller at a time. Knowing how many controllers you want to charge at a time —and the type of those controllers— will help you get a charger that meets your expectations.

Another thing to keep in mind though is that if you have six Joy-Con controllers, you charge one with the Switch itself, and use the standalone charging dock for the other four. Since most Switch controller charges support 4 Joy-Cons, make sure to remember this.

c. Charging status indicator

One charging your Nintendo Switch controllers, one of the questions that you’ll find yourself asking quite often is: Are my controllers charged yet?

When there is no visual clue to whether the controllers are charged or not, this can be annoying. Despite seeming like a no brainer to have, not all Nintendo Switch controller chargers support this feature.

With models that support it though, all you have to do is take a quick look at your charging dock, and you’ll know immediately which controllers are charged, and which are still charging.

d. Design & aesthetics

A Nintendo Switch charging dock isn’t something that you will hide in a drawer once you’re done using. You will use it frequently and it is usually placed in a place where you —and other people— can see it all the time. And that’s why you shouldn’t get one that looks like crap!

Lucky for you, there are plenty awesome-looking charging docks out there that get the job done while looking great at the same time. Despite sounding like a trivial issue, this is something that will make a big difference in your experience with this Switch accessory. If it looks bad you will hate it in no time. Trust us!

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