7 Best Pokemon Card Binders in 2023

Serious Pokemon card collectors always store their cards in binders. This is mainly because of the protection level that Pokemon card binders provide compared to other storage methods. Unlike TCG players, Pokemon card collectors need to keep their cards in pristine condition.

Please note that the binders in this guide work for any standard size TCG. If you're a Magic: The Gathering fan though, don't forget to check out our best MTG deck boxes so you're able to carry your entire deck with you without the risk of damaging your cards.

Since the condition of a Pokemon card affects its value, getting the right binder is a must. And that’s why we’ve created this guide, to help you pick binders that’ll keep your collection safe and won’t fall apart after a couple of months.

Before you store any new card in a binder, always remember to check the card's authenticity with our guide to spotting fake Pokemon cards. That way, you won't waste valuable storage space on fake cards that aren't worth anything.

Most of the binders on this list are made by Ultra Pro, which is not a surprise, since they make some of the best professional-grade card binders. Asides from a few exceptions -which are included in this list, Ultra Pro is the golden standard.

While some people prefer Monster Binders, we find them generally subpar when compared to the binders that Ultra Pro makes. Another company that's worth mentioning when it comes to high-quality Pokemon card binders is Vault X.

Despite not having a big variety in terms of shapes, the quality of the binders these guys make is just insane.

P.S. If you're wondering what's the best place from which to buy Pokemon booster boxes, you'll want to check out this post.

The following are the best Pokemon card binders that you can get:


Ultra Pro Pokemon Pikachu 2'' 3- original Ring Binder

This Ultra Pro pokemon binder is one of our all-time favorites. This product earned a spot on our list for a simple reason: It has an excellent build quality and features Pikachu. It’s safe to say that Pikachu is one of —if not the most— popular Pokemon. So, having him on the cover is super appealing. Add to that a subtle pattern and you’ll have a Pokemon cards binder that looks elegant and cute at the same time.  

Another thing that we like about this binder is that you can put the cards in the slots horizontally instead of vertically. Not only does this make putting the cards in the slots easier, but it also safer for the cards. Dropping Pokemon cards binder with vertical slots...you don't want to do that!  

The only downside of this Pokemon card binder is that you can’t add more pages to it. While the 20 pages can fit up to 300 cards, you never know when an extra page might come in handy.  One thing to keep in mind about this binder is that it can accommodate only standard-size TCG cards.

If you have some of the larger collector cards, you won’t be able to fit them in this binder or add suitable pages to it.

If you're looking for a way to protect and store different Pokemon cards separately, you might want to check out this blog about Pokemon card sleeves.


Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Pokémon Full-View Pro Binder: Poke Ball

Another great Ultra Pro Pokemon binder. This model is made specifically for serious collectors. If you’re looking for a binder that you can rely on for keeping your valuable Pokemon cards safe, this one is worth considering.  The first thing that we like about this binder is its design.

The minimalist Poke-Ball-inspired design makes it suitable for more mature collectors. It doesn’t have this “cartoonish vibe” to it, which makes it stand out from the other available binders. Having a Poke Ball design on the cover, that's smart. Asides from the cool colors, it makes sense to have your Pokemon cards inside a Poke ball binder.

If you know what we mean! The material of this binder is perfect for preserving Pokemon cards. As the cards tend to stay inside these binders for long periods, poor materials can damage them in different ways. In the case of valuable collections, this is nothing short of a disaster.  

To make sure this doesn’t happen, this Pokemon cards binder uses an archive-safe, acid-free, non-PVC material.

This 40-page binder can hold up to 360 standard-size Pokemon cards, which makes it one of the best binders available. The elastic band of this binder helps keep it shut and preserves the cards by maintaining constant pressure, which is always a good thing to have.


Ultra Pro Pikachu 9-pocket Premium PRO-Binder for Pokmon Yellow, Small

Despite having a Pikachu design, this Ultra Pro Pokemon binder appeals to adult Pokemon fans. Thanks to its monochromatic design and leather material, it has a premium look to it.

Asides from the premium look, this binder has the same Pokemon-cards-friendly. PVC and acid-free pages, archive-safe pages are used here so you don’t have to worry about your precious card collection getting damaged.

As for the build quality, this binder is pretty solid. It has a durable faux leather material and a padded hardcover that’ll last for a long time. You also get side-loading slots, which is a must in any high-quality Pokemon cards binder.

The elastic band of this binder helps preserve the cards even more by keeping it closed tightly. If you ever drop your Pokemon cards binder, you’ll appreciate having this band, as the cards won't fall out.

The UltraPro protector sleeves of this Pokemon cards binder can hold up to 360 cards, which is pretty decent.


Binder for Pokemon Cards with Sleeves

This binder has earned a spot on our list for a simple reason, which is the fact that it’s a binder/carrying case hybrid. The biggest disadvantage that Pokemon card binders have when compared to carrying cases is the fact that they aren’t as portable.  

With this case/binder hybrid, you get the best of both worlds. Your Pokemon cards are protected in a binder that has the same level of portability as a carrying case. The zipper combined with a shock and water-proof material gives you peace of mind that your valuable collection is safe.  Unlike the other models on our list, this is a ring binder.

This means that you can add more pages if you ever need to. The binder comes with 30 Platinum 9-Pocket pages and can be expanded up to 150 pages. The result is a binder that can fit some of the largest Pokemon card collections and makes carrying them around a simple task.

Being able to add pages to this binder means that you can fit larger cards as well, so you don’t have to divide your collection over many binders.


Totem World 4 Pokemon Card Mini Binders

These Pokemon card binders offer something unique, which is a super-compact size. While most other Pokemon card binders have a design that fits multiple cards per page, these can accommodate a single card on every page.

If you're one of those people who like to divide their cards into smaller collections, these binders are for you.

Each of these mini binders fits up to 60 cards. So, you can fit 240 cards with all 4 binders. And that's great since you can keep sub-collections separate. You can also fit this binder in your pocket, making it a travel-friendly option.

The material that's used for these binders is the standard non-toxic polypropylene that's used in most high-end models. So, you won't have to worry about your Pokemon cards getting damaged.

The Poke-Ball-inspired design is also pretty awesome. The designs feature a Poke Ball, Master Ball, Ultra Ball, and Great Ball. So, your precious pokemon won't be able to escape from these binders!

We only recommend these models for people who keep multiple small collections or who want to take a small card collection with them on the go. If that's not you and you're looking for a super-safe binder for storing your Pokemon cards, we highly recommend any of the above models, especially the DACCKIT Carrying Case.


Vault X Premium Exo-Tec® Zip Binder

While Vault X isn't as well-known as Ultra Pro and Monster Binders, these guys make some of the highest-quality binders that we've ever seen.

In terms of design, Vault X binders have a minimalist, clean look that'll appeal to mature collectors. So, don't expect flashy binder designs. Instead, you'll get  a black exterior with the super-premium eXo-Tec material.

As for the pages themselves, this binder has 9-pocket pages that are made from acid-free, archival-safe, non-PVC material that won't damage your cards overtime. This binder is also compatible with YuGiOh!, WoW, Magic: The Gathering, and many other cards of the "standard" size.

Overall, this is an excellent choice for adult Pokemon card collectors who want to keep their collection safe in a good-looking binder.


Ultra Pro E-15150 Eclipse 9-Pocket PRO-Binder

If you like sorting your Pokemon cards collection by type, these binders are the perfect way to get the job done. Since they're available in different colors, you can keep your electric and water Pokemon separate!

In addition to the convenient color variety, these binders have everything you'd expect from a premium-quality Pokemon card binder. This includes an overall decent build quality, and those acid and PVC-free archival-grade pages.

If you're not interested in sorting your Pokemon cards by type, there are other binders on the list that are better in terms of design, quality and protection level for your Pokemon cards (things like water resistance and a zipper!).

However, if you're keen on sorting your Pokemon cards by type, these binders are the best way to do it.

Pro tip: If you want to increase the capacity of any of your pokemon card binders, you can always do so with extra sleeve pages.

And make sure to check out our practical guide to spotting fake Pokemon cards. Nobody likes having fake Pokemon cards in their collection. Learn how to spot them now!

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Pokemon cards binder buying guide

The following are the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing a Pokemon cards binder.

1. Build Quality

This is one of the most important things that we focus on when choosing a Pokemon card binder. The reason for this is quite simple, which is the fact that poor quality binders need to be replaced quite often. And when that happens, you’ll need to move ALL of your cards to a new binder.

Asides from being boring and time-consuming, moving cards frequently is a sure way to damage them. So, to earn a spot on our best Pokemon card binders list, a binder must have excellent build quality.

The “build quality” of a binder is mainly about the stitches that hold the whole thing together and the material used.

2. Design

It’s true that good design for such an item is a subjective topic. What might look great for someone might look horrible for someone else. There are, however, high-quality designs the people rarely disagree on. The designs that we’ve picked have one thing in common: they’re good.

The real issue with Pokemon card binders is finding models that don’t suck in terms of design and have solid build quality. That’s why we’ve only got a handful of binders. Because there is a ton of crappy ones out there. No matter what your taste is, you can’t go wrong with any of these binders.

3. Fixed-Page Vs. Ring Binders

When choosing your new Pokemon cards binder, you'll have to go with either a fixed-page or a ring binder. Each of them has its pros and cons, so the choice will depend on your personal preferences.

a. Fixed-Page Binders

When it comes to protecting your cards, these binders are the clear winner. Professional-grade models provide an excellent level of protection with a sleek profile.

b. Ring Binders

In terms of flexibility, ring binders are the clear winner. Since the pages are bound together with rings, you can add pages to the binder whenever you need to. You can even take a whole page out, or rearrange the pages if you want.

The downside of these binders is the bulky profile and less protection than fixed-page binders. This is mainly because the rings might press on the pages if they slip inside (which happens occasionally).

Speaking of the rings, you should always opt for D-rings whenever you can. Binders with a D-ring design can hold up to 25% more pages compared to O-ring binders. They also provide better protection for the cards.

D-Rings Versus O-Rings binders
D-Rings Versus O-Rings

Frequently Asked Pokemon Card Binder Questions

Here are some of the most common questions that Pokemon Card fans ask about binders:

Is a binder good for Pokemon Cards?

The short answer is yes. Storing your Pokemon Cards—or any other type of trading cards—in a binder will protect them from damage. However, if you want to provide the highest levels of protection for your particularly-valuable cards, we highly recommend sleeving your cards.

Are ring binders bad for Pokemon Cards?

While ring binders are definitely better than no binder at all, they provider lower levels of protection compared to ringless binders. Ring binders can actually damage your Pokemon Cards if a page gets trapped under the ring.

Are card binders safe?

Binders are generally safe for storing Pokemon Cards that are not highly-graded. If you have a particularly valuable card, it's recommend that you sleeve and grade it.

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